About Logecoin

Token Address : 0x1c0869a9ee9e866288Fd4A62342BFe8941DACf94
Circulating Supply: 1,010,000

What is a Personal Brand Token?

1. fungible, with a capped supply
2. a tokenized representation of a individuals vision
3. able to be bought and sold by anyone via decentralized exchange

Breaking down the 3 words.

Personal — an individual
Brand — a representation of vision
Token — a cryptocurrency asset

Reading it backwards now, this cryptocurrency asset represents the vision of an individual.Said yet another way, the more of the asset you own, the more you support the vision of the individual. In the same way someone pays $40 every single month to another person on Patreon, a Personal Brand Token allows the market to decide the value of an individual’s vision. My vision was never to make my company my name. My vision was simply create a place both digital and physical for everyone to create and communicate their vision together.
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What's With The Pickles? 🥒

They're not just pickles, they're MegaPickles

The MegaPickle Project is a collection of 49 pixelated pickles and 6 Original MegaPickles currently being created and minted on the Harmony ONE blockchain. MegaPickles pre-date Logecoin and is the necessary bridge needed to ensure that the vision stays alive. Each MegaPickle has a style unique that only its owner could love.

Check out the Megapickle Roadmap Here